vendredi 28 novembre 2008

Schlachthofbronx - We Nah Fraid

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Based in Munich, Schlachthofbronx are on the point when it comes to bass electro, and it creates some especially great results when they're adding Dancehall lyrics on top of it. Listen to that track We Nah Fraid where dubstep beats encounters electro, half tempo beats and coupé-décalé ish beats. Really cool variations. I also really like their remix of a Bavarian Marching band that you can listen on their myspace. That track should be released soon so keep on eye on this guys. They sent me the track, so I would just like to say you can do the same! If I like the music, I'll post it here or will play it on the radio show.

Oh and before I forget, go visit Seen's blog, that's where you'll find the other german gems. Ex-CyanWait's Tim Turbo lives there now!

Download Schlachthofbronx - We Nah Fraid

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