mardi 29 septembre 2009

Dancehall in the Far East

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Je prépare ma conférence pour Pop Montreal (avec Wayne&Wax, /Rupture et Brian Shimkovtiz), sur le concept d'authenticité dans la musique du monde et cela m'a amené ce soir à faire un peu plus de recherche sur le dancehall reggae japonais. La scène à l'air d'être vraiment extrêmement importante avec de très grosse manifestation comme le Yokohama Reggae Sai (40 000 personnes en 2008). Beaucoup de chose très intéressantes sur le sujet a priori, mais j'avoue ne pas pouvoir aller trop en profondeur la-dessus. Alors si vous avez des liens à partager, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un email! khiasma08-à-gmail-point-com Le phénomène semble également toucher la soca également // Allez aussi faire un tour sur la chaîne youtube de Global Film Works ; suivez-moi sur twitter.

I'm prepping my conference for Pop Montreal (with Wayne&Wax, /Rupture and Brian Shimkovtiz) on the concept of authenticity in world music and it brought me to do some research on japanese dancehall/reggae. The scene seems to be very big with some shows bringing up to 40 000 people like the Yokohama Reggae Sai. There should be a lot of interesting things to say on the topic, but I must admit I can't go to deep in this because I'm really ignorant about Japan in general. So if you have some links to share on this, please drop a comment or send me an email! khiasma08-à-gmail-point-com / Also, go check out Global Film Works youtube channel ; follow me on twitter.

Rudebwoy Face - Rumbo


3 commentaires:

Sam Tiba a dit...

j'essaie de te faire une sélection assez large asap.
cool post anyways.


w&w a dit...

RE: dancehall in Japan, I really learned a lot simply by listening to these two mixes by Akaider:

And this is an interesting recent article on Japanese dancehall heads inna the diaspora:

Ethnomusicologist Marvin Sterling has been working on reggae in Japan for several years now, though his emphasis appears to be on roots reggae and rasta. He has, however, written a paper about dancehall in Japan (which was published, incidentally, in the same journal issue as my "Bling Bling for Rastafari" article); don't have a digital copy, I'm afraid, but you can see the citation here:

And ethnomusicologist Noriko Manabe has started working on the topic, too. Here's an example of an abstract for a recent paper:

Looking fwd to this weekend in MTL!

Guillaume / Valeo a dit...

Merci Sam, j'ai hâte d'entendre ça!

Thanks for the tracks and the links Wayne! Totally looking fwd for this week-end as well! Doing it big!