mardi 18 novembre 2008

Tigerstyle released Mystics, Martyrs and Maharajas

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Tigerstyle's long waited full lenght dropped earlier this month. It's available on digital download on their webstire : 17 tracks, pretty much all new material except a couple songs. You may have already heard Sinden's Balle!Shava! remix on the Masala radio show or elsewhere before, but there is way more than 130bpm electro here. It's a pretty diverse range of beats and production instead. Vybz Kartel is definitly a plus for one of the best track of the album. You'll find a track with a spanish mc and a bhangra beat structered as a reggaeton beat. There's a lot of r'n'b/garage female singing on the album that I dislike but I guess that's what's up when you live in the UK and want to do music for clubs. But there's also some serious dancefloor oriented music. Instead of Sinden's remix, I would rather go with that track which should definitly get people's reactions with it's heavy bassy kick drum and happy arrangements.

Download Tigerstyle - Bol!Bol!Bol! (192k)

Also download Tigerstyle's remix of Labh Janjua's Billo Tere Nakreh thanks to Palms Out Sounds. Really good remix! And for those of you who want more cutting edge indian urban music, I would suggest to check out the friction radio show on BBC; always some good stuff. Oh and did I mention bhangra bassline? More bhangra coming up, stay tune.

Tigerstyle Myspace
Buy Tigerstyle's music on line

More bhangra on Masala

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ripley a dit...

thanks for dropping knowldge & tunes!

but the bol!x3 link doesn't work.. any chane of a re-up?

Guillaume / Valeo a dit...

Hey Ripley! Link fixed! Sorry about that!