jeudi 3 juillet 2008

Haiti Hip-Hop Crunk. ECP report

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Last year we did a podcast (yeah I know we're due for another one) on Haitian Hip-Hop showcasing different talents of the up and coming rap scene of the island. Our good friend Etienne Coté-Paluck is familiar with Haiti and has been going there almost every year for the last 10 years. If you're a Masala regular you might also have listen to Etienne's last Masala participation a few month ago.

Etienne just posted 2 podcast from his last trip in April on his website Shuffle. The second one focus on hip-hop while the first one is a copy of a very entertaining mix Etienne did at a local radio station. [Podshuffle 82] [Podshuffle 81]. I urge you to click on Podshuffle 82 and have a listen! You'll hear the sound of today's underground Hip-hop in Haiti, featuring Rock Fam, Mecca Aka Grimo, Anbiskad 64 or Barikad Crew. To give you an idea here's M 16 with the track Sa w gen la, taken from his demo.

M16 - Sa W Gen La

Talking about Barikad Crew, Etienne sent us an email a couple weeks ago, the same day we learned about Pitti passing away, announcing the terrible news that 5 members of the Crew died in a car accident. BC is definitely one of the biggest name in Haiti's Hip-Hop scene so you can imagine what a choc it was for people there. A 10 min reportage on TV. Press 1 and 2. Here's a heavily kompa influenced track from Barikad Crew. Pretty different from the Crunk rap they usually do.

Barikad Crew - Banm Af M

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