mardi 29 juillet 2008

Frikstailers Duo would like to speak portuguese

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I mean it's obvious this guys from Cordoba, Argentina, want to speak Portuguese. After a glitchy reinterpretation of Baile Funk with Baile Frik, Rafael sent me that un-released track telling me "I think this is the way we´d make music if we where born in Angola.. this would be kuduro según Frikstailers.=D"

Direct download: Frikstailers - Ta Duro Kuduro / Zshare

Great track indeed, which is also telling us that not only white middle class kids from North America and Europe are interested in this "other"(geographical, race, class) music and doing things with it (in this case producing new music, elsewhere, like here at Masala, presenting it, talking about it and simply feeling it). In this times when we're urged of getting involved if we're "engaging" in "other" people music, what is the place for fun, irony and creativity? I think this things created an interesting result with Frikstailers's Ta Duro Kuduro.

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heeeeeeeeeey!! Muchas gracias por postearlo Guillaume!!! Saludos desde Córdoba =D