samedi 29 août 2009

Le Signal Douster

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My boy Hugo has done it again and posted it on his blog. He sent this one a couple weeks ago and even though his Yolanda Be Cool was my favourite of the pack (see my august top 10), I loved his refix of this great bashment song by Busy Signal.

Busy Signal - Da Style Deh (Douster Dagga Remix)

Download 320k

Talking about Busy refix, I hope you coped Poirier's refix of Cool Baby on RCRDLBL last week.

Finally, Schlatchofbronx just released their first album on Disko B this week! We've been supporters til back in November 2008, and we're really happy to see them reach the next level! There's tons of way to buy their album on line and support them, so go have a look on their website!

Schlachthofbronx - Holdin That Dick ft Spoek Mathembo

Download 320k

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jp a dit...

yep Douster il est en feu !!!