mercredi 29 juillet 2009

I kept saying that Kuduro crossed over in France

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I even heard it during my cousin's wedding last month.

Download it and read JP and myself: Kuduro 10 essential tracks selection.

3 commentaires:

Prince Charming a dit...

The Kuduro Line dance seems to be getting around.

I noticed that Brooklyn Terry (one of the most famous house dancers in the world) had that Buraka Som Sistema clip bookmarked.
Stringz from the xmen (one of the top jit/detroit techno dancers) has a sabar clip bookmarked.

nice afro house/techno dance cross over.

Akwaaba Music a dit...

It's interesting timing for us to finally release a legit compilation of pure Angolan kuduro, right as its latest European washed out interpretation hits all mainstream clubs in France. Even Galliano's latest with Dama S is pretty harmless.

It'll be interesting to see how people react to Akwaaba Sem Transporte, which groups together some kuduro classics of the past 2 - 3 years, along with new tracks by guys who are still hustling their demos at home.

Tell us what you think, you can learn about the comp on our main Akwaaba Music - kuduro site, or listen directly to the album on fairtilizer. It comes out August 4 on iTunes

Canalh a dit...

c'est vrai ! Même le Monde s'y intéresse (et Boeb's dégote):