mardi 14 avril 2009

Wu Tang Clan... And why not Timbaland!

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Voici un post que j'ai faite sur La Congona!

Funny thing,

this morning, I was chatting with one of my old friend who wrote on his facebook status to download and listen to Zizek latest mixtape, the one with Douster. The funny thing is that I’m spamming all my friends with my musical taste and news I was quite happy to see that he discover something that he like!!!

This friend, I was not seeing him since a couple of year. The only place I’m seeing him is actually in every Wu Tang Clan concert!

While I was reading Generation Bass blog, I’ve just download this cool remix of Sonido del Principe:

Sonido del Principe - Wucumbia

Direct download

And, if you like those cumbia / hip hop remixes, here’s another from my friend Dj Oye who’s not scared to blend what he love!

DJ OYE - La fluata del arabe (Timbaland Indian flute remix)

Direct download

2 commentaires:

jp a dit...

yeah Bendude is on fyah !!! keep them comin' le gros :D

Bootlegumachine! a dit...

Great music! greets from Mex