mercredi 23 janvier 2008

Ishq Bector - Looping in the Wealth

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What I like about that guy (apart this 2 good songs) is that he represents what is, in my opinion, the future of music in the years to come: a great mix, a perfect blending, of different local sounds into one production that could be appealling to both sides. Lyrics aren't super interesting, but we're talking about pop music here, not crunk or leftfield. On the other hand, I very much like the beats on this 2 songs. The other point that makes him a great symbol is that Ishq was actually born in Winnipeg, Canada and found success in India. He's representing how music and immigration are building bridges between culture in a very concrete and creative way. The fact that I write about him in Montreal, not because I heard of him through Canadians network (media, word of mouth, etc.), but just because I found his stuff randomly, is also a great addition to the loop.

Ishq Bector ft Shakti Kapoor, Hrishitaa Bhatt & Pratichee - Dakku Daddy

Ce que j'aime à propos d'Ishq Bector (à part ces deux bonnes chansons) c'est qu'il représente, à mon avis, le futur de la musique dans les années à venir: un bon mélange, une parfaite union, de différents sons locaux dans une production qui peut séduire des deux cotés. Les paroles sont pas super intéressantes, mais on parle de musique pop ici, pas de crunk ou de hip-hop barré. En même temps, j'aime beaucoup les beats sur ces 2 morceaux. L'autre point qui fait de Ishq un bon symbole, c'est qu'il est né à Winnipeg, Canada, et qu'il connait un grand succès en Inde. Cela montre très concrètement et de façon créative, comment l'immigration et la musique permettent de créer des ponts entre les cultures. Le fait que j'écris à son propos, ici à Montréal non pas parce que j'ai entendu parler de lui par divers réseaux canadiens, mais parce que j'ai trouvé son travail par hasard, est aussi une bon ajout à la boucle internationale.

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Anonyme a dit...

..and onward hiphop perpetuates the death of feminism.. internationally. (wah wah)

fucking hilarious though.loving the nose pierce

is there anything kinder towards females, though? ek glassy do glassy doesn't do too great of a job, what're all the girls listening to/

Khiasma / Guillaume a dit...

Hey anonyme,

I should have post about that. In that video, the singer is even a bigger star in India than Ishq Bector. Her name is Sunidhi Chauhan. Look on the internet. Basicaly her role is ironic in the video and people in India know that when they watch it. Also check out that vid, where she talks about it:

Anonyme a dit...


i just wanna say that ishQ Bector is gonna be a force to be dealt with in our currently boring artist scenerio..

he's the writer/producer/singer and performer in this crazy video.. his whole album "Dakku Daddy" is truely unique in it's approach..

people are going to embrace this dude.. i can feel it.. all the girls at my college can't stop talking about this kid..

i saw some snaps from his next video (unreleased) on his website .. it looks even crazier than "aye hip hopper"..

can't wait to see it!!