mercredi 9 mai 2007

The Sweetest Delights of a Spicy Masala (Bhangra Post 1)

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So last week-end JP and I went to Montreal's Little India to check out a communitarian picnick to support without papers immigrants and we ended up buying some bhangra cds and dvds in local stores. After that, I did some researches and downloaded several dozens albums off the internets. Thought we should share the treasures we found and also do a big shout out to Mr Singh for his hollerboard contribution!

So let's get things started real fast with the Prince of Bhangra, Toronto raised, superstar Jazzy B. As said in the wiki article it's easy to recognize Jazzy B by his "spiky hair and the range and depth of his vocals." Another distinctive thing about Jazzy B is that his almost only singing on beats crafted by Sukhsinder Sindha, one of the best producer in the circuit.

Here's a track from his brand new effort Kaun Nachdi(2007)
Jazzy B - Kaun Nachdi
From a BEST OF released on Music Waves:
Jazzy B - Chakdey Boly
Jazzy B - Akh De Ishare

Punjabi By Nature, from Toronto again, is for sure one of the producer I like the most, here are these gems from one of the latest soundtrack he did for the movie Jaan Panjabi

Punjabi by Nature - Jaan Panjabi
Punjabi by Nature - Amarjeet Cham

Here's the video of the hit Jaan Panjabi:

Another one found in the Montreal stores, cute couple:
Lehenge De Moti - Mele Te

To finish that first installment here's a dance floor tool that I'm sure djs can appreciate:
SNAP vs Motivo - The Power Of Bhangra

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bhagava gita vs ryan paris ?

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Punjabi mayhem man!!