jeudi 29 mars 2007

Daft Punk Essential Mix 1997

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Thanks to my man Vamonos, who's running GhettoBassQuake, a cross-atlantic kindred of Masala, I put my hand on the HOUSE mix that changed a LOT of things in my personnal path in music. Daft Punk's essential mix is basicly my first love for electronic music. And we all know the feelings and the memories of your first love right? After hearing that mix hundred times on K7 in 1997, I spent 4 years listening to all kinds of house music and electronic music, started djing and promoting dj nights. Something i'm still doing right now. Thanks to Thomas and Guy-Manuel!

Grâce à l'ami Vamonos, de GhettoBassQuake, un frère d'armes d'outre-atlantique, j'ai mis la main sur le mix HOUSE qui a changé BEAUCOUP de chose dans mon voyage personel dans la musique. Le mix de Daft Punk's pour la série "essential" est tout simplement mon premier amour pour la musique électronique. Et on se souvient tous des souvenirs et des émotions pour notre premier amour hein? Après avoir écouté ce mix des centaines de fois sur cassette en 1997, j'ai passé 4 ans à écouter toutes sortes de musiques électroniques et de house, j'ai commencé à mixer et à organiser des soirées dj. Ce que je continue à faire maintenant. Merci à Thomas et Guy-Manuel!

Download Daft Punk Essential Mix (1997)

Daft Punk - "Wdpk Essential Intro" (Daft Trax)
Paul Johnson - "Hear The Music" (Peacefrog)
Armand Van Helden - "Funk Phenomena [JOHNNICkennydopeMastermix]" (Henry Street)
CZR - "Chicago Southside" (IHR)
Studio 54 - "Git Down Saturday" (Dance 6)
Red-X Presents When Worlds Collide - "Dee's Knots" (Remix Delux)
Parris Mitchell - "Ghetto Shout Out" (Dance Mania)
Daft Punk - "Teachers" (Daft Trax/Virgin)
Martin Luther King - "I Have A Dream" (20th Century)
Rick Wilhite - "Drum Patterns & Memories [M.M. Mix]" (K.D.J)
Jammin Gerald - "Get The Ho'94" (Dance Mania)
DJ Attack - "Da Way U Work" (U.C)
Thomas Bangalter - "Spinal Beats" (Roulé)
Tha West Siders - "Waxscratch Trax" (Dance Mania)
Thomas Bangalter - "Spinal Scratch" (Roulé)
Fantom - "Faithful [Prassay Mix]" (Source)
Fantom - "Faithful [Original]" (Source)
Fantom - "Faithful [Da Cracy Mix]" (Source)
I:Cube - "Disco Cubizm [Daft Punk Mix]" (Versatile)
Daft Punk - "Rock 'n' Roll" (Daft Trax/Virgin)
DJ Hyperactive - "Chicago" (Contact)
Daft Punk - "Oh Yeah" (Daft Trax/Virgin)
Cajmere - "Only 4 U" (Cajual)
Trankilou - "Champagne" (Kif S.A)
Studio 54 - "And da Beat Goes On" (Dance 6)
DJ Funk & Gerald - "Hold Up" (Universal Funk)
Ween - "Freedom Of '76" (Flying Nun)
Cassius - "Foxy Lady" (Cassius)
Gusto - "Disco's Revenge" (Bumble Beats)
DJ Deeon - "2 B Free" (Dance Mania)
Sweet - "Somebody's Watching" (white label)
Da Mongoloids - "Spark Da Meth" (Strictly Rythm)
Ron Maney & L.A. Williams - "Shining" (Kumba)
Roy Davis Jr - "Gabrielle" (Large)
Robert J. Hairston - "Preacher Man" (white label)
Daft Punk - "Around The World [Motorbass Mix]" (Daft Trax/Virgin)
Kenny Dixon Jr - "U Can Dance If You Want 2" (K.D.J)

Vous pouvez télécharger beaucoup des Essential mix ici

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jp a dit...

Sshit chu rendu vieux j'y vois que dalle

grandmasterbaz a dit...

merci KC F... de nous faire revivre les folles nuits du downtown orleanais

marcus a dit...

sick, so sick

Arslan a dit...

i think it,s great.

Anonyme a dit...

Definitely a good Daft Punk mix before they really commercialized their sound. A lot of classics there.

Anonyme a dit...

Great mix. Not a typical Daft Punk set but shows what else they are capable of. It's a pity that they don't do more like this.

As for the idiot that sees them as having a "really commercialised" sound now - you are taking out of your arse! Try knowing what you are talking about before letting your belly rumble with comments like that.

They have evolved and innovated their sound with their amazing creativity into a totally unique music and never fails to impress.

If they had a commercialised sound would they not sound like everyone else????

Fredrik a dit...

Totally agree - one of the best mixes there is. There's none I've listen to as many times as this...

Anonyme a dit...

merci merci merci !!!

Franck Dernoncourt a dit...

just terrific, same level as the 99-12-31 mix!!!!
Thanks guillaume!

Anonyme a dit...

Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.