mardi 10 novembre 2009

Valeo October Top 10 (a month late sorry)

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Valeo October 2009 Top 10

Bonjay - Gimmee Gimmee
Bonjay - Faat Gyal
L-Vis 1990 - Compass
Lil Silva & Vybz Kartel - Ramping Shop (Dj Shredah Remix)[download]
Tanlines - Real Life
Los Destellos - Elsa (Sonido Martines Remix feat. Fefe) [download]
Douster - Journey to Tethys Sea
Stereotyp feat Los Rakas - Cuanado Hay Guerrapella
Shabba Tigre - A Mi He feat Double G
Poirier ft MC Zulu - Gyal Secret Pictures (Baobinga remix)

So this month, I'm putting some "about to be released material" and some very very fresh tracks, again in no particular order. Starting with Bonjay, a Toronto duo that I picked for management recently and who are releasing their first EP at the end of November. The EP is called Gimmee Gimmee and it also showcase the remixing talents of Poirier, Grahmzilla and Smalltown Romeo. More on this soon but Gimmee Gimmee and Faat Gyal have been on my top songs playlist for a while and it's awesome that you guys can have access to them very very soon. I'm pretty stoked about this project.

Next is the usual suspect L-Vis 1990 that I have consistently put in my top 10. This dude is just simply running the dance music game these days. That's it, that's all. He has a brand new EP on Sound Pellegrino, check it out. And too keep it on a funky vibe, the Dj Shredah remix of Vybz's Ramping Shop will definitely stay on top of my dj playlist for a while. I posted the song to download a few weeks ago, so go have a look HERE for more background info on the track.

The Tanlines project have been going on for a bit more than a year. With member of Professor Murder and Storm & Stress, Tanlines is definitely next on your to watch band list for 2010. Real Life is their next single and it's straight up high quality indie-pop with a "tropical" twist. To put next up to Lemonade, The Very Best or, with a bit of stretching, El Guincho.

Sonido Martines is pretty much the ultimate crate digger when it comes to Cumbia and music in South America. He put together a compilation for /Rupture's label Soot Records that present different new cumbia producers from Argentina. It's known territory for those who follow the scene but a good introduction if you don't. He's own remix of The Destellos's Elsa, with Fefe "representing" on the mic, is definitely a highlight of the compilation. You can download it for free on RCRD LBL.

Next in line is French man freshman, Douster. His latest EP for ZZK Rec has been praised pretty much anywhere, so as I'm a month late posting this hum, october top 10, well you guys might already have buy it. Follow the link for more of Douster.

Los Rakas is a duo of 2 Panamanian guys based in San Fransisco who are revisiting dancehall classics with a sharp flow in spanglish. Panabay Twist volumen 2 got release a few month ago and I just put my hand on it thanks to my man Geko Jones. This one though by El Senor Stereotyp took the acapella from the mixtape and is bringing it to a next level of audio violence. Méchant.

Capverdien carribean Kuduro take over! I meant to post this song by Shabba Tigre for months but kept it private until today. I'll post the song by itself very soon, but since then you can taste a bit of it by watching this making of video:

Last selection of the month is a sneakpick of Poirier's bonus CD that will come with his album to be dropped in march 2010. Album is called Running High and will bring together the 3 EP released throughout 2009 and 2010, as well a bonus cd with new version, remixes and other unreleased material. Baobinga did a great job muscleing up Gyal Secret Picture (on Poirier's Run The Riddim) and is definitely an up and coming producer.

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