mardi 18 août 2009

JahDan Blakkamoore and Dutty Artz are on their way

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Give it up for our family from south of the border DUTTY ARTZ!!! Like JahDan Blakamoore keeps singing it, they've been working hard for years in order to finally get this music out there. JahDan's album is at the corner and will be released on September 15th. And just like a strip-teaser, Dutty Artz is dropping this great mixtape to get everybody excited. Pitchfork is supporting, so you all know what that means right? (see Never Gonna Stop lyrics) Anyways, give yourself a favor, click on this mediafire link and download Bazooka Shot and show some love and support by going on to Itunes and buy JahDan's first single "She Said" (produced by and featuring 77Klash). And if you're lazy well, here's one my top 10 favorite tune of the moment; this should convince you! More Fire!!!

JahDan ft 77 Klash & Spoek Mathambo - Dem Nuh Like It (Prod Matt Shadetek)


DUTTY ARTZ is Matt Shadetek; Geko Jones, Lamin Fofana and DJ /Rupture.

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