mercredi 20 août 2008

Sorry - Pop MTL en construction

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Sorry no new posts these days. I barely can listen to music these days because I'm finishing the programming of Pop Montreal. Long days...
Here's the result of some of my hard work:

Vetiver, Don Cavalli - oct 1 at sala
Silver Apples, Gambletron- oct 2 at sala
Akron/Family, Herman Dune - oct 3 at sala
Dodos, Au, Passion Pit - oct 4 at sala
Liam Finn, Dirty On Purpose, The Veils- oct 5 at sala
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - oct 2 at Lambi
Elyse Weinberg - oct 2 at casa
Jason Collett- oct 2 at Petit Campus
Dr Dog- oct 4 at Petit Campus
Sam Shalabi and a whole bunch of musicians at the Masonic Temple- oct 4
Socalled w/ Stef Schneider, Owen Pallett et more at Cinema L'Amour- oct 3
T. Raumschmiere: Random Noize Session- Dawson Theatre - oct 5
You Say Party! We Say Die! + Beast- oct 1 La Tulipe
Darren Hayman (Hefner), oct 4 at Le Gymnase
Dan Deacon's Wham City Round Robin- oct 4 & 5 Église Immaculée Conception.
WIRE + Wedding Present- oct 5 Le National
Baby Dee + Krista Muir- oct 1 at UK FED
Irma Thomas, Soul Queen of New Orleans oct 2 at UK FED
Julie Doiron, Chad Van Gaalen, Women oct 3 at UK FED
The Persuasions -oct 4 at UK FED
Burt Bacharach - oct 3 at Église St Jean Baptiste
Hot Chip + Growing- oct 1 at Metropolis
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds+ TAM- oct 2 at Metropolis
Black Kids + the Virgins- oct 4 at Cabaret

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Rafa a dit...

Man!!! you are a superhero!
that festival sounds great =)

grandmasterbaz a dit...

fais la bise à darren