lundi 21 avril 2008

Everyone needs some breaks

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You'll probably see that video a bit everywhere in our blog network (ghettobassquake, fat planet, w&w) so here's the straight up material that Daniel Haaskman asked us to let you know about. Man Recordings is releasing a Baile Funk Break EP:

There's not enough Funk Carioca being released, so the info has to circulate.

An unrealesed bonus:
Dj Beware & Mc Gringo - Tamborzo Con Scratchy

2 commentaires:

Stu Fat Planet a dit...

Thanks G - no need for me to post this time around, you've said it all!

Khiasma / Guillaume a dit...

Re your comment:
HA HA HA! Yeah man, we take turns :)

Well thank you for this post, wanted to do it for quite a while now and didn't take the time yet! Also, I'm glad to say I'm going to start a new project to add to the few people who are spreading the Funk Gospel. Starting very soon I'll start a quaterly selection of tracks that you can find on the internet. 5$ contribution, money is going straight to the artists.

More to come. Anyway, keep up the awesome work mister Stu and hope to meet you sometime soon!