jeudi 27 mars 2008

Masala To Go #10: Erin MacLeod plays kwaito

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I've always been a reader of Erin MacLeod's articles in The Montreal Mirror, Pitchfork or Fader. After she mentionned that she was dreaming about a kwaito/2-step party, we decided it was time to contact her. After playing at Cagibi with Guillaume for Mundial, she came to the Masala radio show last week to play kwaito she brought back from her trip in South Africa.

Masala To Go #10: Erin MacLeod plays kwaito

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Erin MacLeod is also a teacher and a student at McGill University. She's doing her doctorate on ethiopians perceptions of the rasta movement. She traveled Ethiopia for five months for her research and that's when she had the opportunity to go to Durban, SA, to give a conference on dancehall.

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*The picture above is from The Beautiful Struggle by Per Englund

2 commentaires:

erin a dit...

hey--i would love to think i am finished my doctorate...but i am still working on it!

thanks so much for letting me play my favourite kwaito!

Nico a dit...

Great mix Erin, what was the last track?

Ta very much