jeudi 10 janvier 2008

Soca 2008: Down D Road...

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Machel is pulling out the guns for the road march. Will it be a massacre like last year ? Here's some picks for the competition:

Machel Montano HD - 'Unconditionnal'
Machel Montano HD - 'Blazin D Trail'
Bunji Garlin - 'Mash Up'
Shurwayne Winchester - 'Road Jam'
Iwer George - 'Jump Forward'

Thanks to these two caribbean-dancehall-soca blogs:
Soca Lime and Cyan Wait

4 commentaires:

Khiasma / Guillaume a dit...


Khiasma / Guillaume a dit...

I vote for Mash-Up.

Shattaz a dit...

Bless for the big up.! Much Respect.

(Nurse) Karen a dit...

Hi! Great to see you representing soca music. For more info check out (Nurse) Karen (Etc), and don't forget to subscribe to my podcast!