mercredi 5 décembre 2007

My Saturday night in a Baile Funk in Rio

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Last saturday we went to the Boquerao do Passeio, next door from the national airport, to see one of the oldest and respected dj in the scene: Dj Amazing Clay. His soundsystem, the Curtisomrio was inviting one of the team of the Furacao 2000 in that venue which is basicaly a huge dancehall. The Aquecimento was non-stop and the volume was near to be the one of an airplane.. Pretty crazy my hears were buzzing for 2 days.

Come back soon to see videos of that night on the Masala Vision.

View of the front half of the room.

View of the back half of the room.

Mc Frank and his shadow

Amazing Clay and myself

Vincent Rosenblatt posing in front of the speakers of the Curtisomrio sound system

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jp a dit...

WOW!!! Implacavel !!!

J'ai hâte de voir le vidéo :)