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DJ C's Christmas Gift

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Stumble across what was supposed to beBsidepremier Mashup mix #5 on blentwell while reading our favorite (yeah that's what I do after christmas). At first I was interested by the actual real mélange of styles showed in the tracklisting, and then I was really enthusiast by the result. But the day after DJ C, the real author of the mix and, fortunately, an occasional reader of the blog, let us know that it's his mix for Samourai FM! Thanks bsidepremier.... So let's share and move music around:

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Mashup Mix #5 - 2 Hour Mix Track Listing:
1. Prince Jazzbo 'Crabwalking' - Studio One
2. Mr. Vegas 'Lean Wid It' (Instrumental) - Delicious Vinyl
3. Mr. Vegas 'Lean Wid It' (Album Version) - Delicious Vinyl
4. Pasta Masta 'Pixie P' (ft. Rodney P & the Pixies) - Special
5. TOK & Beenie Man 'Bring It On' - South Rakkas
6. Kelis 'Bossy' (Alex G Mix) - Label Unknown
7. Ms Jade Ft. Nelly Furtado & Timbaland 'Ching Ching' - Interscope
8. DJ C (Ft. Mims, Jr. Reed, Cham, Dave Kelly) 'This is a Stage Show' - Heatwave
9. Pitbull 'Hey You Girl' - TVT
10. Maja Current 'Ghetto Youth Wise Up' - Label Unknown
11. Cool Kids 'Flossin'' - Unreleased
12. Esau Mwamwaya 'Tengazako' (Diplo's Paper Planes RMX) - Special
13. Mr. Scruff 'Ug' - Ninja Tune
14. Benzly Hype / DJ Bruce 'Quivering' - Special
15. Bonjay 'Gimmee Gimmee' - Unreleased
16. DJ C (Ft. Lexie Lee, Fugies) 'Lexie La' - Mashit Special
17. Sabbo&Kuti Feat. Livity 'She Brighty' - Special
18. Ms. Thing and Sugardaddy 'Sweet Soca Music' - Sequence
19. Klaxons 'No Diggity' - Universal Music TV
20. Soundwasta 'Let It Be Me' - Special
21. Mr. Oizo 'Sick Dog Try to Speak' - F Communications
22. Specialist`N`Tru-Skool 'Dhaaru Pee Ke' (ft. Kaka Bhainiawala) - VIP Records
23. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Gold Lion' (Diplo Reggaeton Remix) - Special
24. Bassnectar 'Bomb The Blocks' (Ghislain Poirier Mix) - Om Records
25. Spank Rock 'Coke and Wet' (Round Table Knights Remix) - Special
26. DJ Brian Howe 'Mashup Mix 2' - Special
27. Ill Inspecta 'Trailer Load' (South Rakkas Mix) - Germaica
28. Radiohead '15 Step' - Self Released
29. DJ C (Ft. The Jackson 5, Steven Marley, Naughty By Nature) 'The ABC Traffic Jam (Armed With Harmony)' - Mashit Special
30. Specialist`N`Tru-Skool 'Saukhi Ni Kammai' (ft. Lember Hussainpuri) - VIP Records
31. Cool Kids 'Pump up the Volume' - Unreleased
32. Funk E aka El Buki 'Tussle' - Label Unknown
33. Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald 'Just' - Rapster
34. DJ Aristocat (ft. AC/DC) 'Hells Bells' (Instrumental) - Special
35. MC Solaar 'Nouveau Western' - Polygram
36. Superstar Ralph & Sandman 'Superstar Ralph & Sandman' - Label Unknown
37. Florin Peste & Denisa & Play Aj 'Ochii Tai Cand Ma Privesc' - Label Unknown
38. Frikstailers 'Sudaka invasor' - Unreleased
39. Yo Gabba Gabba 'Jumpy Jump Jump 1-2' - Nick Jr.
40. DJ Aristocat (ft. Billy Squire) 'The Stroke' (DJ Aristocat Instrumental) - Special
41. Toddla T ft Mr Versatile 'Fill Up Mi Portion' - 1965
42. Victor Menegaux (Ft. Billy Squire / Dizzee Rascal / The Wolf Pack) 'Big Bouncin' Beat' - Special
43. Mark Ronson 'Toxic' (ft. ODB and Tiggers / Paul Nice Remix) - Sony
44. Xplastaz 'Msimu Kwa Msimu' - Afrolution Records
45. Small Arms Fiya (FT Serocee & LS) 'Give It To Mi' (NuVersion) - 1965
46. Mr. Vegas 'Tek Weh Yuh Self' - Delicious Vinyl
47. New Kids / South Rakkas Crew 'Get Mad Again' - Mad Decent
48. Architecture In Helsinki 'Heart It Races' (A-Track Remix) - Special
49. Eric B & Rakim 'Let The Rhythm Hit Em' (Original Omega One Remix) - Special
50. Big Daddy Kane 'Raw' - Rhino
51. Kid Sister 'Damn Girl' (Cadence Weapon Remix) - Special
52. Alter Ego & Ghost Writers feat 'Ghost Musick' (Baltimoroder Remix) - Special
53. Shantel 'Bucogeasca Dub' (feat. Mahala Rai Banda) - Essay Recordings
54. Victor Menegaux (Ft. The Supremes / Justin Timberlake / Timbaland) 'Stop In the Name of My Love' - Special
55. Ghislain Poirier 'Justin Timberlake' - Special
56. DJ C and Zulu 'Darling' - Community Library
57. Radioclit 'Lollipop' (Instrumental Remix) - Special
58. Victor Menegaux (Ft. Journey / Tag Team) 'Don't Stop Shakin'' (Don't Stop Beleavin' / Whoop There it Is) - Special
59. M.I.A. 'Jimmy' (DJ Eli Remix) - XL Recordings
60. Bounty Killer 'Girls' (South Rakkas Mix) - Mad Decent
61. Cajmere 'U Got Me Up' - Music Man Records
62. Little Junior 'Drumbeats' - Bubbling Forum
63. Rod Lee 'Sweet Dreams' - Special
64. Ai Voce Gosta 'Cassiano w/t Zuzuca Poderosa' - Special
65. Christian Fischer & The Ascent 'just kick' (Daniel Dexter & Markus Lange Remix) - Whirlpool Sex
66. Round Table Knights 'Bmore Venus' - Sepcial
67. Yo Majesty 'Club Action' (Chris Bagraiders sailing to baltimore edit) - Special
68. Proxy 'Decoy' - Turbo Recordings
69. Rod Lee 'Mega-Mix' - Club Kings
70. Stereotyp feat. Joice Muniz 'Uepa' - Man Recordings
71. Balkan Beat Box 'Bulgarian Chicks' (Featuring The "Bulgarian Chicks" Vlada Tom) - JDub Records
72. DJ C (Ft. Chris Isaak, The Supremes, Switch, & Stereotyp) 'Set Me Free From This Wicked Game' - Mashit Special
73. Felix Mangor 'Pets and Cars' (Hostage Remix) - Palms Out Sounds
74. Rod Lee 'Good Man' - Club Kings
75. Soohan 'Your Love is Just What I Needed' - Special
76. Buraka Som Sistema 'Coozi o mambo' - Enchufada
77. DJ C and Mc Jorge Stylo ft. MC Jennifer 'Juce' - Man Recordings
78. Rod Lee 'Baby Baby' - Club Kings
79. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley 'All Night' (Baile Funk Remix) - Special
80. DJ Defkline And Red Polo 'Shake It Up Baby' - Hot Cakes
81. DJ Donna Summer 'Eating Crow' - Cock Rock Disco Special
82. TREW 'Eastcoastfeelas' - Special
83. The Cure 'Fire In Cairo' (Digitalism Remix) - Special
84. The Small Faces 'Lazy Sunday' - Castle Communications

I also really appreciate that the gentleman who puts the record label besides a proper tracklisting.

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