mercredi 28 novembre 2007

2 New Songs In The Masala Mailbox

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During the last couple days we received 2 great tracks at Masala. We love receiving great tracks so please send more our way (click the envelope on the right side)!

Ghislain Poirier
is sharing a track from one of the many hip-hop cassettes he bought in Senegal a couple years ago. Let him explain:

"I was in Burkina Faso in 1998. On my way back to Montreal in January 1999, I had a 12 hours transit via Dakar to take the plane Dakar-NYC. Yes, at that time there was a direct flight Dakar-NYC with Air Afrique.
During my 12 hours transit, all Senegal was celebrating because the ramadan just finished and it was the first real big meal ! I had the chance to go downtown Dakar and driving a car for the first time in Africa (nice experience) to chase some African Hip-Hop cassettes that I wasn’t able to find in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). On the many cassettes that I bought that day there was Senerap Freestyle 1 (1997) and Senerap Freestyle 2 (1998).

Still today, I love these cassettes and I finally did a cassette rescue and
digitalized them. BNP "Yow milédal" is taken from Senerap Freestyle 1.

BNP - Yow milédal 4:05 (Zshare link)

* * * * * *
And today, our good friends from Professor Murder announced a good news! They're releasing a new free 3 songs EP! The EP is called "Professor Murder on a Desert Island" and the first song, "Flex-It Formula" was released today on a new website called Grab it by just 2 clicks. Also check out the track I played before I flew to South America from their latest vinyl by listening to this previous show.

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