lundi 1 octobre 2007

Sound the Trumpets !

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We had a nice time with "Miss Energy God" Empire Isis on the last Masala show. Empire Isis is redefining reggae-dancehall with her international background. Ranked #7 on the "Frost Report" top 10 unsigned artists in the world, she has been nominated for "Most Promising Entertainer" at the 2005 International Reggae & World Music Awards. Her first studio album "Sound the Trumpets" dropped in the US last month with appearance by big names in the game, Sizzla and Turbulence. The first single "Get up on it" is making noise in Europe and the States right now with lots of energy, raw dancehall vocals and a dirty south carnaval sound.

mp3: Empire Isis - Get up on it (direct link)
---> buy the album

Part of the Masala radio show interview:

We are very happy to see her back in Montreal :) Catch her this week as the Empire invades the city !

oct. 4 - with Elephant Man @ Carleton University (Ottawa)
oct. 5 - with Elephant Man @ Rialto (Montreal)
oct. 6 - Pop Mtl with Mikey Dangerous, Kali & Dub @ Galego (Montreal)
oct. 6 - with Frankie Paul @ E.B. Club Lounge (Montreal)

Empire Isis Myspace

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

Yall can't be serious. This is the worst thing to happen to music in years. Whats up with all of fake Jamaican accents, SHE'S FROM MONTREAL HELLO! I don't think anybody is looking past the fact that she is a tall white woman, they can get away with murder, like she does my ears when I listen to all the wrong notes in her singing. You guys really picked a talentless person to be on your site!

Anonyme a dit...

lol, hater!

This is the only person doing big things in Montreal on the urban scene.

Montreal makes me laugh. If she is good enough to be nominated at the reggae awards and does tracks with sizzla, then that is good enough for me.

Anonyme a dit...

Does everything always have to be about race? I thought this was Canada....

I like her, i think her music is dope and different.


Anonyme a dit...

Yo this fool who wrote the first comment but has something personal against ISIS. I saw her the other night at Copacabana and she rocked the crowed.

absolutely incredible