samedi 14 juillet 2007

Unhide The Truth About Canadian Salsa

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oui je sais c'est une image de Tango

Not that I'm a salsa specialist or an "amateur éclairé" at all, but this guys applied to play at Pop Montreal this year (the festival i'm part of) and their songs got me by their energy and their dance floor oriented compositions. Cache is a 8 piece salsa band from Toronto with members from all over the place. Here's what you can find in their biography:

"Caché's members combine a variety of musical skills and backgrounds including jazz, salsa, cumbia and African rhythms. Many people refer to salsa indifferent styles, such as Cuban, New York or Puerto Rican. Working together, the members of Caché have created their own style of salsa which they consider uniquely Canadian."

I will let you judge about the Canadiana feeling of it by enjoying some of their tracks. You can also download their full album by going on their website.

Salsa: CACHE - El Sonero Llego

Cumbia: CACHE - Vuelvo a mi Carnaval

Instrumental: CACHE - Willys Theme At Another Level

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