jeudi 21 juin 2007

Salsa con...

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I'm pretty obsessed by salsa touch in Nu Whirl music this days and I'm actually working on some myself in my first production tentatives. But since you guys get to listen to it, here's a snapshot of some songs I like to put in my mixes, using them as bridges. Salsa feeling is everywhere!

Salsa con reggaeton: knarias - salsa con reggaeton

Salsa con Baile: Bola de Fogo & Jonny Bravo - Sarra Sarra

Salsa con Kuduro: ? - Batida (instrumental)

Salsa con Kwaito: Mapaputsi - 26 26

Salsa con Jungle: John b. - salsa brazil remix) Sorry I couldn't find a proper version.

If you guys out here have some more examples, please post them!

3 commentaires:

dj flack a dit...

Great Stuff! Dig you production style (can't believe its your first "tentatives") - might drop some of those in my mixes too.

You have to come down to Boston sometime and do a set at Beat Research with Wayne and I.


- Antony (

*guillaume* a dit...

Oh no this songs aren't mine at all! I'm just trying to do stuff in the same spirit.
Sorry for the bummer hope the invitation is still on though :)

dj flack a dit...

Ahh I guess that makes sense - otherwise I would have had to kill you :)

Of course the invite is definitely still on - Wayne and I were already saying how great that would be before I posted that comment - I am a huge fan of your site and have been diggin all the mixes and mp3 posts for some time now.

I will be away most of the Summer and I wouldn't want to miss you so tell us if any Monday works for you in the fall or after.

Looking forward

- Antony (aka DJ Flack)