lundi 18 juin 2007

Baile MTL v.13 avec Wayne & Wax

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It was a great night of awesome music and good dance party in a very hot Zoobizarre. Thanks for everyone who came out! Wayne was a great guest who blew our minds with some really audacious mixes where western China is clashing with the Caribbeans for example. Hopefully, we'll be able to share a version of it on the blog soon. We exchange some music too, so check out the blog regularly.
It was great to hang out to Megasoïd / Ghislain Poirier party on saturday even though we were pretty tired. Montrealers, watch out for St-Jean in the Mile End, rogue van soundsystem with Megasoïd, Ghislain Poirier and myself for a big beat festival (no not the UK music style).

3 commentaires:

Vamanos a dit...

Gutted to miss this. Curse this pesky ocean.

LaBostella a dit...

J'adore mes voisins. :D

Andres a dit...

Great night ! Keep them coming
baila funkers.