mardi 8 mai 2007

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(via ECP)

Baile Funk MC Deize Tigrona interviewed on UK travel show Lonely Planet Six Degrees.


4 commentaires:

jp a dit...

un safari dans les favelas... check ben les beaux trophées que j'vais te ramener ;)

stu @ fat planet a dit...

hey, good to see this circulating. can i just do a quick correction tho' - it's originally from a fat planet post, i culled it from my tivo! check

Anonyme a dit...

this is incredibly corny and patronizing. ( "there's the front side, and the backside.) it's hard to believe they traveled all the way to brazil without doing the slightest bit of research. gross.

jp a dit...

yeah, lonely planet sucks. at least, rough guide give the job to local.

if you not already know, check the Tat Tudo Dominado on youtube