jeudi 10 mai 2007

Calibrala rmx

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Criollo - "Calibrala remix" (right click and save)

Vous savez qu'on les aime, c'est notre groupe de reggaeton à nous. Après la chaude performance qu'ils ont offerts au Bounce le Baile, voilà le remix de "Calibrala", la grosse pièce méchante de leur album Bahire.

One more from our boys from Criollo. We became good friends in the last months and we invited them to play with us at Bounce le Baile to celebrate our first anniversay of Baile MTL The group is very talented and their blend of reggaeton, bachata, hip hop and merengue is contagious. You have to spread the word so this guys can be heard outside of Montreal. Here's a remix of "Calibrala", the maddest track on their last album Bahire.

Criollo web site
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Criollo on Wikipedia

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