mardi 20 mars 2007

Madre Mia de TODOSANTOS!!!!

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After Bonde Do Role and Cansei De Ser Sexy get ready for the next band coming out from South America's Art Schools. From Caracas, Venezuela, here's TODOSANTOS !

Todosantos - Acid Boys Acid Girls

I discovered them during Austin's SXSW before the Lezzies show and it totally grabbed my attention. These guys are presenting a really solid show where every track is coming with some fluo vids like the one you can see below! Definitely not New Rave, but totally inspired by electro, 8bit, booty and other bass music, nothing else but FUN! By talking with the singer Alberto, I learned that the cute Peach, aka Mariana Martin, now lives in Brooklyn and also, and more importantly, that they have an ep to be released on Flamin' Hotz, the label who gave us one of the first waxed funk Carioca comp and the infamous Yeti Bounce ep by Curtis Vodka whom I brought to Pop Montreal last year.

Fluo Kids where are you on this one? Get the whole dvd/ep for free here and make sure to catch them during Pop Montreal 2007, because they most probably be there!

2 commentaires:

Flamin Hotz Records a dit...

Man you guys are good. You got your ear to the streets son.

Todosantos coming in June.

jp a dit...

Guillaume c le meilleur!

This band should sing in spanish though