mardi 16 janvier 2007

Fire Fete in POS

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We had a good time at the Fire Fete last Saturday in Port of Spain. Everybody was dressed in red for a great line up including Maximus Dan, Shurwayne Wincester, Destra and the Fireman himself, Bunji Garlin. Shurwayne performance was solid and tight, and the girls were going wild on the wining. When Bunji arrived, the place got pretty messed up with fights and drunk fatties trying to wine on us... Bunji had his bad boys in front running all around and he took Fireball and Peter Ram on the stage with him to put more fiiiirrreeee in the place. By 4 in the morning, things were still going very mad and we realised will have to go to the gym too if we want to survive to a Trini Carnival... We are in Tobago right now, taking some rest before next Saturday Fete with Machel, Bunji and Allison Hinds :)

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