mardi 8 juillet 2008

Dalston Oxfam African mix

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Dalston Shopper from the Dalston Oxfam Shop blog have been very nice to Masala one year ago saying we were THE HOTTEST MUSIC ON THE NET ! Well this is payback time ! Here's a mix of african stuff Dalston did for the Diesel U Music radio. From funana, kuduro to coupé-décalé and some old congolese pop, this is the sound of his London African party called Manifesto.

Diesel U Music - African radio show

2 commentaires:

Soul Cocina a dit...

hottest stuff since Boima and Sogui's Baobab connection mixes.

That Lucky Gomez track, Zeze e Toto that starts the mix off, was a song I used for a video I put together last year, so It's hard not to see visions of the Vail Farmer's market scene in my head when I play this.


dalston shopper a dit...

thanks guys ;)