jeudi 25 octobre 2007

Bhangra New Stuff

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If kuduro thirst for new stuff seems hard to quench like Guillaume exposed in the last post, bhangra is well alive no matter what's going on the international hipster scene.

Two labels are taking care of things right now, Vip and Bazaar Records.

Just last week, Vip has released 3 albums, one of them being
Blitzkrieg "The Rhyme Book", debut from an Indian MC who have collaborated with Tigerstyle, Bikram Singh and Punjabi Hit Squad. Check the promo video >>>

On the latest CISM show I played two tracks from recent Vip releases, Jags Klimax and Specialist & Tru-Skool.
Jags Klimax is one of UK top bhangra DJ/Producer and his original production style have make lots of artists from around the world asked him for remix. The highlight on "The Album" is the track "Heer" featuring the Punjabi folkstress Sarbjit Kaur>>>

mp3: Jags Limax - Heer ft. Sarbjit Kaur (direct link)

"Repazent" from the duo Specialist & Tru-Skool was very awaited after their debut "Word is Born". In fact it's a very good Western influence album, here's the track with the James Brown sample >>>

mp3: Specialist & Tru-Skool - Saukhi Ni Kammai (direct link)

Tru-Skool is also the producer behind the first hyped Bazaar records release "Raw as Folk". The album features Bazaar own vocalists, Kaka Bhaniawala, Kulwinder Johal, Gurbhej Brar and Dippa Dosanjh (Satrang), all together on the massive "Raw as Folk Bolian" >>>

Apart of those two label releases, one discovery I made is
Dalvinder Singh. I very like songs I hearded from his new album "Udeeka". Here's the one I played in last radio show>>>

mp3: Dalvinder Singh - Yaar Da Viah (direct link)

Dalvinder Singh MySpace

You can find samples and videos of all those artists on the labels site and buy the albums from there or on

3 commentaires:

The Incredible Kid a dit...

Yes, indeed. Bhangra may have come and gone on the hipster radar, but don't sleep on Panjabi beat-makers! When Specialist & Tru-Skool dropped "Repazent" I thought it was a disappointing retread of the best tracks from their debut, only to play it to death for a year and a half, and realize that it was a brilliant crystallization and refinement of all that they did so well on their debut. Landmark release for the history books. Not everything on VIP is that amazing, but they are still consistently putting out quality material. I think Blitzkrieg's and his casual misogyny is wack, no matter how good Tigerstyle's beats are. I recommend contacting Tony Pabla at for all your bhangra needs. Write him directly if the website doesn't list what you are looking for.



The Incredible Kid a dit...

Oh, I should add that although the UK has been the center of cutting-edge Bhangra releases since the '80s, producers in the Panjab are getting more and more sophisticated, and as much as people want to rag on them in comparison to their British-born counterparts, everyone will be sweating them eventually.


jp a dit...

hey thx for the links IK :) this punjab2000 looks great!

true that it will be interesting to see what Panjab producers will do as well as Toronto or even Brossard PQ !?

i think why i like VIP it's because the bhangra they produce is the kind of bhangra i like but i didn't know about this Blitzkrieg misogyny...

keep updating us on what's goin' on on the bhangra scene :)