samedi 9 juin 2007

Vai Jogar Na Banca ! pt.2

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This one is for Paul Devro, to apologize for my rudeness on Mad Decent blog. Maybe you already know those links Paul...? still it's a huge bank of Tecno Brega chunes, lots of pictures and deep article on the phenomenon.

Tecno Brega is the electronic version of Brega Calipso. It's from Pará state, mostly in the capital Belém, entry for Amazonias. I remember when I travel till Sao Luis in 2004 how Brasil is changing from south to north. I've never been to Belem but I can imagine it's totally another world, far far from Rio...

The first Tecno Brega party was in 2003. The "festas de aparelhagem" are big bailes with a lot lot of equipments (ampli, TVs, samplers, keyboards,...) piled up like electronic totems called Tupinambá or Príncipe Negro.

Brega is a big industry, more than 2000 CDs per year and the most important is that the scene is an alternative business model: "The Tecno Brega music is “born free” in the sense that copyright protection is not a part of the business model developed by its creators." source: Open Business

TECNOBREGA: A MÚSICA PARALELA by Hermano Vianna, Folha de S. Paulo de 13/10/2003

Tecno Brega in Belém do Pará photo set by Henrik Moltke

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