mercredi 2 mai 2007


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A new mix by Senhor Bo :) This looks like the first mix of the World Up mixtape podcast series. From the site:

"Founded in 2004, World Up is a non-profit organization (501c3 pending) dedicated to educating the public about international cultures, and issues that affect the global community through Hip-Hop and its related musics. Through our ongoing events, educational programming, and our annual music festival, we are actively promoting and fostering diversity, cross-cultural understanding, and social change through Hip-Hop culture. World Up is run by a group of volunteers who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures but share a deep love for Hip-Hop and how it is used as a tool for social and political change. We have a well established network of artists, DJ's, MC's, Film makers, promoters, activists, and the like around the globe."

Also, Bo put up a Baile-Dancehall mix
by MPC of Digitaldubs Sound System on his blog

And get more Irie food here

4 commentaires:

scott w. gray a dit...

hey there, just thought i'd let you know i referenced this post on midnight poutine. you can check it out here:

keep up the good work!

*guillaume* a dit...

Thanks Scott, you should do that more often ;)

eb a dit...

thanks scott and guillaume!!
much appreciated. Trying to get the word out more.
World Up

ebenezer a dit...

Thanks Guillaume!!..and Scott People have been into the first release so we will be doing more soon. Will keep you both in the loop.
world up