dimanche 27 mai 2007

Daddy Yankee New Album WTF ?!?

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You might have heard the first single "Impacto" from Daddy Yankee's new album El Cartel due on June 5th. And you might have said to yourself, damn that's some unusual electro sound for a reggaeton track. Vocoder and acid sounds in a reggae track? Well it's only the beginning my friends!

El Cartel is a very solid album of 21 tracks, different styles hip-hop, reggaeton, dancehallish, salsaton, ballads, arena tracks. But the main thing about this album, is that it's really bringing reggaeton to a point of natural junction with mainstream american music. Using electroish production make the Dem Bow beat even more accessible to non-latin audiences. It's like TI was adapting "My Love" to the different aspects of the style. Or a ravy version of reggaeton, which of course might appeal to the hipsters that are into fluo and "rave" sound (haters everywhere). Like on that track for example:

Daddy Yankee - Fuera De Control

But the track which really blow me away is a FUCKING REGGAETON-HOUSE TRACK !!! I mean wtf??? I know Pitbull is already in the place doing that kind of things, but that song is actually something different. It's not using clichés of Dirty South sound production and it sounds more like if a NYC house producer was collaborating with Daddy Yankee. But ain't no Joe Claussell here and the song is in fact, a collaboration with one of the Black Eyed Peas guys! I find the result of that obvious move towards white audience and commercial radio really interesting and wonder what will be the reactions.

Daddy Yankee ft. Will.I.Am - Plane To PR

We will play more tracks of this album in the next radio show, so stay tuned!
Désolé pour la traduction en français, je suis trop faignant!

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If you're interested, I've fully reviewed the album at my blog!