mardi 23 janvier 2007

Licensing Fete in POS

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Licensing was an amazing party, better than the Fire Fete. Scalpers were hustlin' hard at the entrance, traffic jam on Wrighston Rd. was huge, the bass was rumbling all around announcing a memorable nite before jumpin' in a taxi to take our return flight.

Bunji started the show with a brief performance, bit deceiving, maybe is going soft with his recent marriage to Fay-Ann Lyons... Crazy came after with his massive 'Cold Sweat' song. It was quite a surprise to see the man on stage, kind of Ron Jeremy of soca with an homeless twist, très très grivois. The crowd get excited when Denise Belfon appears for her new dance called the bicycle wine. She even did the tricycle wine...

The Fete really begin when Shurwayne and Traffik played 'Open the Gates' and 'Alequa'. Before KMC's turn, Prophet Benjamin, conscious local act, did a solid appearance and roll-on's were burnin' all over the place. George Iwer came to accompanied KMC, warming the crowd for Machel. At this time, guys were hunting hard for a wine while HD was making the girls anxious with a long long pause before starting his thing. He didn't waiste time though to mash up di place with 'Higher than High' and 'One More Time' back to back but he had problems to keep up the energy as the crowd was leaving the place slowly, maybe it was too late and people were tired. Still, it was good memories to take with us on the plane. Thx to Tamika, Maxine and their friends for the unforgettable night!

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