vendredi 26 janvier 2007

French West Indyz Styleeee 2

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We got some great feedback here and there for the previous post so I decided to post some more of this fine dancehall tunes from France. This are tracks I selected from the cds I brought back and some older compilation I downloaded. All prods are from 2005/2006, certified underground, you can't download that shit anywhere else!

SAM X - La Bonne
Thrid track of his album "Best of Undergrond Certifié".

FLYA AND SEFYU - Dancehall Hip Hop
We took some tracks of the third volume of that compilation for the last post. Here's one track from the second volume of Killa Session. We used one track from there in our BABOON MIXTAPE. Represent!

BUGSTER - Runclat Dead
On one of my all time favourite riddim (Kayenjo), here's Bugster killing it. We used that riddim in our BABOON MIXTAPE with lyrics by Ditzra. Can you feel it?

DITZRA - Réd Mé I Bél
We really like DITZRA at MASALA. A few weeks, I selected some of his tracks and put them together with some tracks of Daddy Killa. You can still listen that radio show HERE. And here's another Daddy Killa track i didn't play yet:

DADDY KILLA - Killa Mal Palé Yo Ni Pou Tan Ca

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