samedi 22 octobre 2005

21.10.05 || 23.10.05

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Two Live Crew - 'Me So Horny'

***** Baile Funk "Pot-Pourri" *****
Funk Neurotica - ?
MC Jack e Chocolate - 'Pavaroty'
Funk Cruel - ?
MC Serginho - 'Pocotopocoto'
Deise Tigrona - 'Injeçao'
Dennis DJ - 'Jonathan II'
Tati Quebra Barraco - 'Kabo Kaki'
Funk Neurotica - ?
Paty - 'Cavalo de Pau'
Cidinho & Doca - 'Rap da Felicidade'
Os Tchutchucos - 'Chapa Quente'
Bonde Do Tigrao - 'O Baile Todo'

Kraftwerk - 'Trans-Europe Express'
Panico - 'Telephone Dilemma'
As Mercenarias - 'Policia'
ESG - 'Moody'
Soulwax - 'Another Excuse (DFA remix)'
Sa-Ra - 'Second Time Around'
Boards Of Canada - 'Oscar See Through Red Eye'


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